State of the SIOC-o-sphere (number 3)

Since my last "SIOC-o-sphere" summaries (see 1 and 2), there've been quite a few developments!

I'll begin by ripping off Alex Passant's summary from last month...

  • A first version of the API documentation is online. It explains the different classes and methods of the API, which are designed to create SIOC data without any knowledge of SIOC nor RDF.
  • Drupal exporter has been updated. It now exports data according the latest version of the specs (1.08), and is ready for FOAF mappings. There are still adjustements to be done about the FOAF module, but you can apply a patch that can be found and explained here to make it work - you need to install FOAF module for Drupal first of course;
  • Some bugs have also been fixed in b2evo exporter (see SVN) and DotClear one (release 1.4.2 (src | pkg)). As things seems now quite stable in PHP, is there any volunteer for coding Perl or RoR exporters for SIOC ?
  • SIOC export in ODS is now compliant with SIOC crawler, so it can be crawled and put in any triple-store, as Kingley's one which is now here among other blogs from various engines;
  • John wrote 3 different SIOC pdf guides, and also designed a shema about FOAF / SIOC / SKOS, to help people to get rid of ambiguity between foaf:User and sioc:User;
  • Wikier mentionned on #sioc that SWAML, a project he's involved in to translate mailing lists in RDF, will use SIOC;
  • Finally, SIOC will be exposed at BlogTalk, with a SIOCYourBlog experiment.

And since then there've been more happenings...