API and DotClear exporter updates

Hi all,

A lot of changes have been made to the PHP API, which now refers to the latest version of SIOC specs.
It also uses both foaf:maker and sioc:has_creator to link Posts to Users / Person [1], using only foaf:maker for unregistered users (eg comments [2]). Moreover, each user is now exported with a small FOAF profile [3], next step should be to link also to 'real' profiles.

API information is available at http://esw.w3.org/topic/SIOC/PHPExportAPI
A tutorial will come soon to explain in detail how to create exporters. Use it if you plan to develop PHP exporters, as it will ensure all exporters use a standardized and up-to-date version of SIOC data.

It also has been integrated in a new release of SIOC Exporter for DotClear. [4]
* Source: http://apassant.net/home/2006/02/dotclear-sioc/dotclear-sioc-1.4.1.tgz

* Package: http://apassant.net/home/2006/02/dotclear-sioc/dotclear-sioc-1.4.1.pkg.gz




[2] http://apassant.net/blog/sioc.php?type=comment&comment_id=6820

[3] http://apassant.net/blog/sioc.php?type=user&user_id=alex


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